Friday, July 23, 2010


Bragging rights belong especially to moms all over the planet. That said, I would like to exercise that right to all my wonderfully enlightened readers.

My son’s band, D’AMATO, is very close to getting into the tippy top 5 of the competition for his band to open for KISS in Philadelphia (zip 19106), his hometown. Please vote for D’AMATO at

Rock hard as the band’s music is, the lyrics are spiritually loud. As Anthony D’Amato himself says, “Music is a chemical agent that can change you on a cellular and molecular level.” In a radio interview on The Mo & Bek Show, of his song ‘Speak No Evil‘ D’Amato said, “My song, Speak No Evil has a lot of meaning, not just in the realm of spirituality but on a political level.”

His high vibrational band and its sponsors are donating, win or lose, to the 24/7 Recovery Channel for every confirmed vote.

Please vote. DEMAND D’AMATO to open for KISS.

Blessings from D’AMATO’s mom, Dr. Anna Maria Prezio

Speak No Evil (watch on youtube)

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