Monday, January 12, 2009

Rosemary Chaulk

Denise Cassino - Perspectives and Ponderances: Rosemary Chaulk ...
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Rosemary Chaulk on After Dark Radio · Rosemary Chaulk Visits with Author, Patricia Crand... Author Patricia Crandall hosts Rosemary Chaulk · A Visit from Author, Patricia Crandall · Great Book, Loads of Freebies - Book Launch for Li. ...
Denise Cassino - Perspectives... -
The Backroom at A Visit with Rosemary Chaulk
By dehanna
Joining us today is author Rosemary Chaulk. Rosemary grew up in Littleton, Massachusetts, which used to be a small farm town, after moving from Waltham when she was in the third grade. She began writing when she was a teenager, ...
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